Should Hindi be the official language of India?

India is a country with its identity in its diversification; multiple languages are the real identity of India. There are more than 122 languages are spoken in India and more than 30 languages which are widely spoken by millions of people in India.

India's rich culture and diverse heritage lies in its unity of diversity.  However, as per Wiki the official language of the Central Government of Republic of India is Hindi and English is secondary official language.

In India, English language is also considered to be one the wide known language, but due to regional importance and significance of local languages, the regional language and Hindi languages are important for the perspective of regional level understandings and prosper.

Economic Implication: English is taught in India from primary school, if we do not start teaching in India it will impact our growth in the sectors like BPO, IT, Telecom, Medical, Import Export etc. However, a student with understanding of English with regional level language will have more benefits in terms of securing job, accreditation etc.

Officially usage of Hindi language can be used in region specific where people are easy to converse with it. As there are multiple languages are spoken in India, these languages can be used in their respective regions to strengthen the cultural heritage of country. What Say?

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