How facebook is loggin into Jio Ecosystem for Whatsapp

Facebook has recently invested USD $5.7 B in Reliance Jio. The global social media giant has shown key interest in Reliance owned technology platform Jio. Is it only for telecom or data ? No they have invested in Jio for the platform creation for their Whatsapp Social Messaging App. Facebook willing to make whatsapp more social, more commercial, more payment / transaction oriented. They wanted to make whatsapp like alibaba or amazon somewhat.

A video by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered a clue of sorts. “India is a special place for us. We are also committing to work together on some critical projects that we think are going to open up a lot of opportunities for commerce in India,” Zuckerberg said in his post. In a way, Facebook, the company, has logged into the Jio ecosystem.

Blog Category Type - Technology | Submitted on 4/26/2020 10:43:00 AM| by User satyanarayan
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