Coronavirus Covid 19 somethings to read for everyone...
  • State Government has imposed curfews, locked down for people at Home, establishment of Quarantine Center for suspect of Coronavirus Covid 19 dieases. State of Maharashtra is having highest number of Coronavirus Covid 19 patients till 25th March 2020 (date of this article), Maharashtra Government has imposed district level seal of border, establishment of different quarantine center, spread of awareness and lots of good initiative backed by central government.
  • Prime Minister informed set up of task force under finance minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman to take necessary action to improve economic situation.
    On 21st March 2020, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced Rs. 1000/- to all majdoor (daily wage labour) and lateron other state government has also announced many other relief for labours and daily wage earners.

  • How is treatment is done at present for Coronavirus Covid 19 -  At present, there is no medicine identified for Coronavirus Covid 19 which ensure treatment of patient. But, it is observed that combination of anti-malaria, anti-swine flu and anti HIV drug has helped to some extent for recovery from Coronavirus Covid 19. Some of the big companies has started trials for the anti Coronavirus diease and expected to have some good medicine for the diease within 6-8 months but unconfirmed about surety of their treatment on all the patients.

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