Coronavirus Covid 19 somethings to read for everyone...

India has been the world's second largest populated country and the chances of spread of Coronavirus in India is very high considering the mass gathering of people, hygiene conditions. Some questions has been raised considering low number of cases reported in India as why the spread of Virus is less in India as compare to its spread elsewhere.

  • Some of these measures taken by Government of India / Different State Government :
  • Postpone of mass gatherings, public functions and festival celebrations (Holi Milan) etc till the virus is contained.
  • Special quarantine center has been setup at many locations, many hotels near airports, government centers to quarantine the suspect of Coronavirus Covid 19.
  • Uttar Pradesh government has asked their officials to seutp 10 bed isolation hospital in every district level.
  • Government has announced 15000 crore special package for Coronavirus Covid 19 precautions and stop their spread.
  • Postpone of Indian Premier Leage 2020 (Cricket Tournament IPL T20) being starting from March 2020 for unknown period.
  • First shutting down Schools, Bus till 31-March-2020 and lateron shutting down School, Bus and later Trains (Including all metro trains, local and long distance trains), Flights (All domestic operations of different flights in India). 
  • A 100 bedded facility has been setup at SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai by Reliance Industries Ltd led Reliance Foundation (philanthropic arm of Reliance Industries Limited).


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