Symptoms of Dengue and Prevention

Dengue fever is also called as backbone fever. It is caused by bite of mosquito or spread by animals. The principal symptoms of dengue are

High fever and any 2 symptoms from below...

  • Severe Headache
  • Eye Pain (Usually behind the eyes)
  • Pain in the Joint
  • Pain in Bones and Muscles
  • Continuous running nose 
  • Low whitecell count

Generally younger children have mild infection than adults. If above such symptoms exists than immediately person should contact their physician or any nearby emergency medical department and get consultation for the dieses. 

Treatment - There is no specific treatment for this diease (DHF). Usually if the diease diagnosed early than physician treat this diease with pain killers and fluid replacement therapy. The patient should drink plenty of healthy fluids as prescribed by physician. This is done to avoid dehydration.

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