A Wireless USB Stick that Expands your Mobile Phone’s Storage

What will happen when your PC / Mobile storage is about to exhaust and there's is no other option to add storage in your device in case you intend to use storage device which is inside your PC / Mobile phone device.

Nowadays, you can use cloud services like google drive or drop box to add unlimited storage to your device but this also require internet access to get seamlessly connected.

An USB device with Wi-Fi access can add up storage to your devices. The wireless USB drive and device is connected using Wi-Fi hotspot and can seamlessly transfer data between your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone and USB storage device.

The device is charged via a USB port and once it is fully charged it can be started by using the power on button. The USB disk can be attached to device by Wi-Fi hotspot utility. The Wi-Fi hotspot by default does not have any security and can also be setup by a password protection.

The shape and size of this USB device is quite bigger than the normal USB device due to its features. The USB device can be bought in the market easily; it is also available on online shopping sites like Amazon.com etc.

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