Who We Are

Zeroauthor.com is a online service portal for expressing your thoughts by the medium of unique content writings. We do not allow any such content which is copied from other website, book etc. These contents can be submitted to us by any registered user. The content may be moderated before getting published on zeroauthor.com. The only earning generate is your faith and your content on this website. Futher, we charity the revenue generated from google advertisement from this website.

Thought Leadership

Every person have some leadership thoughts towards society, leadership, humanity, politics, community, lifestyle etc. These thoughts can only be effective when they are applied and driven by passion and can make significant impace on larger scale.
So, If you think you are a thought leader, you will leave a lasting legacy in your community, humanity, government or whatsoever it is for sure.

Our Community

zeroauthor.com is fully non profit website and google apps. It relates to thought leadership for professional writers, bloggers, students or everyone who wants to be associated with it. We encourage bloggers to start blogging here and be a part of our exclusive royalty programme. To know more about how to write a blog, publish it, earn through blog, click here  More

Satyanarayan Goyal

This website is crafted by Satyanarayan Goyal (PG in computer applications and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer 2006) works in banking industry over years in India. This website is still under maintenance and would be commencing its activity with google apps and web based platform soon. You can contact us at moderator[@]zeroauthor.com.
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